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Visiting the city of Bangkok

Bangkok is a formidable destination for all types of holiday makers. Its is perfect for a family vacation or a honeymoon odyssey. Flights to Bangkok are available from all over the world. As there are numerous airlines offering flights to Bangkok, the prices are quite competitive. Therefore you can find some of the cheapest flights in the world to Bangkok. So, you will easily find cheap flights to Bangkok no matter where you travel from.

Grand Palace in Bangkok is one of the most sought after destinations and lies along the bend of River of Kings. Also known as Chao Praya River, the river itself is a major source of attraction among tourists. With palace building painted in golden color and beautiful colors of the Emerald Buddha, Bangkok has lots of places to visit that captivate you. The river is flood lit at night, offering an amazing view.

You can also visit the China Town with its emblazoned night markets. Bangkok has some of the largest shopping malls in the world. You will see hordes of outlets for big brands like Armani, Gucci etc.

You will find plenty of hotels along Sukhumvit and Ratchadapisek roads. It will be convenient to stay at hotels in this area. On the Sukhumvit road, you will find the sky train line that will take you to shopping malls, flea market of Jatujak etc. on the Ratchadapisek road, you can catch the subway train to go to various parts of the city. In the rush hours, the traffic in Bangkok is very heavy. However, if you hire a motorcycle taxi, you can easily get past the crowd. Motorcycle taxis can be found in flea parks in a group. If you are to drive one, you will have to wear sleevless jackets with numbers on the back.

You should visit the temples Wat Prasri Rattansasdram and Wat Po which are located wall to wall. You should visit both of them as Wat Prasri Rattanasasdaram has one of the most important Buddha Images called the Emerald Buddha image while the Wat Po is said to be the first university of Thiland whose library houses the knowledge originated in the ancient times.
There are plenty of other places to visit in Bangkok that will keep you amused throughout your stay in this beautiful city.